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Architecturally designed, residential loft properties as locations for film, television, and photographic shoots
Specific Requirements for Film/Television Shoots

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1. A copy of the Production Company's Public Liability Insurance will be provided with written confirmation that said insurance is in force for the duration of the Shoot. The Insurance Certificate will name loftcentral® and the specific Owner of the Location as "loss payee."

2. Movement of all equipment, props, personnel, etc. must only be via the designated entry/exit point. Security personnel must be provided at all times to ensure the integrity of the Location.

3. The Production Company will provide separate catering, lounging and toilet facilities for all personnel. All facilities provided, must be parked according to specific instructions outlined by loftcentral® personnel and must have parking permits issued by the local council.

4. The location of any generator truck(s) must be discussed and agreed to with loftcentral® personnel in advance, and must not be positioned in such a way as to permit exhaust fumes and/or noise from entering any adjacent premises. In the event that other of the service vehicles require electric power, such power must originate from the generator truck or mains power previously agreed to by loftcentral® personnel, and not portable generators that would cause excessive noise.

5. Noise and movement by crews in/out of the Location must be kept to minimum. This is especially important in the case of early morning or nighttime activity. Any vehicles parked nearby must not leave their engines running.

6. No food may be eaten inside the specific Location used for the Shoot or the building itself. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the Location site, and it is expected that all personnel and guests will be advised accordingly. Drinking coffee and smoking may, however, be permitted with the specific prior approval where designated by loftcentral® personnel, provided that sufficient trash/butt receptacles have been set out.

7. Any lobby or hallway floor and wall(s) leading to the Location that are subject to traffic or equipment stowage must be protected with hard boards (min 10mm thick) - this includes the elevator cab.

8. Floors and walls of the Location itself must be protected from equipment (e.g., camera tracks, lighting tripods) being used or equipment cases being stored using boards as defined above. Nothing may be fastened to the walls, floors, or ceilings without the specific prior permission of loftcentral® personnel. Likewise, there may be no painting or construction anywhere on-site without the previous permission of loftcentral® personnel.

9. The elevator must not be held when unloading or loading. Because this item is critical, especially during the times of heavy usage, the Production Company will provide someone with a radio on both the ground floor and the floor of the Shoot to ensure that the elevator is always immediately available to residents and their guests.

10. Following the conclusion of the Shoot, an independent professional cleaning service will be employed to clean the Location and building's common parts subjected to use. Any rubbish and/or disused props/constructions must be removed from the building's premises and not left anywhere on site.

11. The number of staff and guests at the Location will be established in advance. Any increases to this number will require the specific permission of loftcentral® personnel in advance.

12. No activity may begin prior to 8:00 AM (8:30 AM weekends) and activity (inside and around Location) must cease by 11:00 PM without exception.

Note that these Rules and Regulations may have been updated and should be confirmed in writing at the time of booking